Food Trip Friday #18: Kinilaw na Tanigue

I love Kinilaw so when I found fresh Tanigue fish in the market few days ago, I prepared one kinilaw appetizer for dinner right away. In my recipe, I did not add cucumber but this fruit adds great taste too. I want my Kinilaw plain and simple, so no veggies/fruits this time. Simply sour. Kinilaw is best served along with cold beer or as an appetizer for a sumptuous meal.

Here’s my recipe.

300 grams tanigue, 1 finely minced onion, 1/2 cup cane vinegar, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, salt and pepper to taste

Dice tanigue meat and wash with vinegar. Drain and then put fresh cane vinegar and mix all other ingredients. Chill for fifteen minutes before serving.

*I used cane vinegar instead of white vinegar for strong sour taste.

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12 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #18: Kinilaw na Tanigue

  1. Pinx

    hi! i love kinilaw too!!! one of my favorite dishes!!! i grew up in a place where tuna is abundant, so i have been used to eating tuna kinilaw. it was only when i was in cebu and now in bohol that i have learned to love tangigue as kinilaw! i miss davao already! thanks for this! happy weekend! hey, mommy, care to exchange links?


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