Food Trip Friday #19: Miki Bihon

Pancit or Miki Bihon is a common food for birthdays and holidays. Here is my easy recipe for Miki Bihon. I remember cooking this many years ago with over 4 kilos of Bihon in one occasion. I followed no recipe, only by taste test and it was delish. =)

Here is my recipe for Miki Bihon.


1/4 Bihon
1/4 Miki
1 onion
4 cloves of garlic (minced)
1/4 pork liempo
celery stalk or kintsay
1/2 cabbage (chopped)
1 carrot chopped
1 tablespoon fish sauce
4-5 tbs soy sauce
salt & pepper
lemon or calamansi


Bring the water to boil, let the pork simmer for twenty minutes or until the meat is tender and put salt. Once cooked, apply fish sauce to pork and set for two hours in a freezer. When chilled, fry in pan until crisp. Cut into pieces and set aside.

Soak bihon for ten minutes. Drain.

Sautee garlic, onion and put pork stock. When the stock boils, add first the miki then bihon. Add soy sauce, pepper, carrots and celery. Add more pork stock and soy sauce if necessary. After four minutes, add the cabbage. Keep stirring until fully mixed and cooked.

Serve with lechon kawali and lemon. You may also add green onions as toppings.

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13 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #19: Miki Bihon

  1. Clarissa

    Oh my gulay!!Your miki bihon really makes me drool!!Kasalanan mo to,Nuts!!^_^

    Happy FTF!

    Have a blissful weekend to you and your family^_^

  2. Cheerful

    hi, new here and i agree with chubskulit—ang sarap ng pork sa ibabaw, crispy ng pagkakagawa…yun pa lang mukhang ayos na! 🙂 happy friday!


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