Food Trip Friday #22: J & J Event

I attended Johnson’s baby media launch yesterday at Hotel Intercontinental Hotel and my eyes feasted to different sweets. Unfortunately, I have less appetite that time and just tasted a little servings of the two main course. Here are some food served at buffet table. These were not yet complete. there were fruit salad, chicken and fish fillet in white sauce that just appeared blurry in my shots. I am not sure about one viand that I like best but as tasted, it has tomato sauce, onions and eggplant.

my food. i’m on a diet.. ^-^
and my dessert
I like this best.. yummmy!! 


My entry for Food Trip Friday.
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17 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #22: J & J Event

  1. Cheerful

    wow, ang daming food, super sasarap lahat, kakatakam, grabe, saya! 🙂 i super like those sweet ones. happy friday! 🙂

  2. Arlene

    wow ang daming food! i browse through the food in the buffet table and am sure my daughter will love that fresh fish (maki) 🙂

    the eggplant wiht tomato sauce and onions sounds like double-murder eggplant. i love that.

    bloghopping food memes


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