Food Trip Friday #26: Desserts

Last Friday, December 3, fellow blogger Jes and I attended “Look Who’s Talking” event, HELP FIGHT HPV campaign. Our eyes feasted over the desserts. Below are just some of my favorite desserts in a buffet dinner.

chocolate decadence

love love cream puff

my dessert

My entry for Food Trip Friday.
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13 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #26: Desserts

  1. Clarissa

    Love desserts most especially the chocolate decadence cake!!The cream puff reminds me to bake for sometimes for the kids–the last time I baked cream puff was last year.Ang tagal na nun!

    Happy FTF dear^_^

  2. Beth

    Yummy! Sana SAHM na din ako para makaattend ako ng mga bloggers' events palagi 🙂

    Kmusta na, Nuts? Tagal ko din di nadalaw. I added your site again to my Links tab. Nawala kasi blogroll ko e. 🙂 Happy weekend!


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