Food Trip Friday #51: Oh My Diningding!

Today, I will be featuring Diningding,  the famous dish from North.   Diningding is a classic  Ilokano dish. In southern part, it is called Bulanglang minus salted fish sauce or bagoong.

I discovered  this easy to prepare  Diningding when I was still in a dormitory many decades ago. Most of my dorm mates came from Ilocos. They always cooked diningding and never get tired of eating the same dish everyday.  For them,  diningding plays a big part of their lives that they couldn’t live without.   I am not Ilocano but  you can see this veggie in my menu often,  if not everyday.

Here’s how to cook Dininding:

Saute garlic, onion, tomato and ginger. Mix bagoong or salted fish sauce. In the pan, put ampalaya, malunggay fruit, okra, siling pakbet. You can add fried fish too. (optional)

Best served with inihaw na bangus and hot steamed rice.
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11 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #51: Oh My Diningding!

  1. Rcel

    Looks really good! I’ve heard about this dish from my sister’s ex-boyfriend who was an Ilocano. Too bad I haven’t tried it yet! 😀

    I have some BIRTHDAY LEFTOVERS at mine! Let men know if you virtually want some! 😀

  2. cheerful

    i miss having it…my mom’s ilocano so she loves to cooked it, at first i don’t like but as i got used with it, i learned to it! not fave but minsan kapag its been awhile you’ve havn’t tried the food, nakaka-miss din! ginutom mo ako lalo na when you mentioned inihaw na bangus…perfect combination! anyway, visiting from FTF, have a great week. 🙂


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