Food Trip Friday #6: oh my pancit

I was looking for something to cook and got these veggies in my bin. I only have a little noodles and lots of veggies but then that’s the way I like it, much veggies in pancit. I put oyster sauce instead of soy sauce and some of my secret ingredients to make my pancit more delightful to my taste. Just love this for merienda or as full meal. Shrimp is a no-no to my recipe. I love seafoods but daughter has an allergy.

My entry for Food Trip Friday.
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16 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #6: oh my pancit

  1. Clarissa

    same here–I can't add some shrimp to my pancit–may allergy din ang asawa ko.Minsan nagpapaluto ako ng pancit sa kaibigan ko para lang makakain ng may shrimp lol!Drooled again!!

  2. Luna Miranda

    sayang, may allergy ang anak mo. i don't think pancit is pancit without shrimps.:p shrimp broth (from chopped shrimp shells and head) makes pancit really tasty.

  3. FoodTripFriday

    Pareho nga tayo ng post,tatlo tayo nila Luna may Pancit Canton today.Talagang Hungry minds,Think alike nga!But i LOVE your version, daming sahog at medyo oily, exactly the way i like it!

  4. charmie

    nakakagutom talaga itong FTF na blame mommy Willa for these but at the same time thanks for her.. mas ganahan akong mag experimento , have a nice weekend 🙂

  5. Yami

    Whoa! miss ko na magluto ng pansit sang buwan na ko di nakakaluto gawa ng project namin…

    Sis, thanks sa dalaw at greetings. Will bloghop and visit you all pag di na busy. 🙂

  6. Dhemz

    arrggghhhh…am drooling with your pancit te…meron paba jan? pede makikikain…ehehehhe!

    awwww…too bad…allergic pala si dalaginding mo…love shrimp!

  7. Sheren-May

    sarap.. daming veggies ng pancit mo. nung isang araw ko pa gustong magluto niyan… no time nga lang.. this weekend i will try! happy weekend sis!

  8. Cacai M.

    ano pala sekreto mo sa pagluto mommy Wowa.. ikaw ha may sekreto ka na.. pasabi namn.. heheh.. may allergy pala daughter mo sa shrimps.. sa akin, ay naku wlang allergy2x.. heheh.. kain lang nang kain.. happy FTF mommy Nuts.. oizzt 'yong sekereto ha.. 😉

    Here's mine:
    My Food Trip: Sauteed Shrimps Paste

    See yah… muahhh!


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