Food Trip Friday #60: Bulanglang


Bulanglang is a diningding version of Batanguenos. If Ilocanos put bagoong or  fish sauce to cook Diningding, Batanguenos only used the water that’s used for rinsing the rice to cook. Here’s my version of Bulanglang. I honestly had to Google the Himbabao for I am not really familiar with this veggie. I just found out from a friend that Himbabao can be mixed for a Bulanglang recipe so I tried.

Here’s the recipe: Just bring the rice water to boil. Add the vegetable one by one according to how long it will be cooked. The ones to cook the longest should be boiled first. Always remember not to overcook. You can cook Bulanglang with different ingredients other than these: sigarilyas, bataw, tomatoes, okra and many more..

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8 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #60: Bulanglang

  1. Jenn

    Is that upo or malunggay fruit? I love himbabao (we call it alukon), and being an Ilocano, I soo love this kind of vegetable dish… especially if there’s fried or grilled fish.

    Hopping from Food Trip Friday.

    ps – see you at the Blogapalooza!


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