Food Trip Friday #67: Tootsie’s Restaurant

Before heading home from Tagaytay Highlands, the Mendiola family treated us to another sumptuous dining at Totsie’s Restaurant located along J. Abad Santos Ave., corner Aguinaldo Highway. The restaurant is owned by Totsie as the name of restaurant implies, whom we’ve met that day as she was just around while we dined in.

Crispy Fried Chicken
Crispy Fried Vegetables
Adobo Flakes
Stuffed Inihaw na Bangus

Of the menu above, the Adobo Flakes seemed to be the most favorite of the kids that the Mendiola couples ordered another plate for it. I had a spoonful of the flakes and tasted it for my own review. True enough to make the kids bitin of this sumptuous meal. The taste is just perfect, not to salty or sour or sweet. Just perfect for the kids’ taste buds.

As usual, these were the last shots of my camera and did not even last to take the picture outside the restaurant to complete the post. The restaurant is so homey. The owner of the restaurant Totsie, said that they serve foods just like serving to their own family and treat diners as part of their family too.

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