Food Trip Friday #68 : Buffet Table at the Special Screening

It’s not the premier night of  the movie Fright Night as you can see at the poster but a special screening of  the award winning independent film  Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman at the Septic Tank).  I arrived at the venue at exactly 6pm. I did not eat that much that night but I ate a small quantity of each of the menu at the buffet table.

Beansprout Spring Rolls (Lumpia Togue) perfect with Vinegar Sauce

Chicken Sandwich

Tortilla Chips

Pork Barbeque
The sauce. mix of cucumber, vinegar, bell pepper and onion

White Sotanghon Pancit. You think it looks pale and bland? Wait till you taste it. I swear you’ll come back for more.

Pancit Canton

Fried Kangkong

Banana Rolls or Banana Turon

Here’s my Pancit that I thought at first would taste no good. I was wrong as it was so yummy and I ate two servings of this.  It’s no joke. I just couldn’t stop eating. I tell you, the taste was really  good!

Sanghaya Catering Services
8 Rolling Road Tomas Morato
Quezon City


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8 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #68 : Buffet Table at the Special Screening

  1. Luna Miranda

    how lucky you can get! they feed you and let you watch a movie! miss ko na ang white sotanghon–we call it pansit puti. used to order it in makati near pasong tamo/buendia. super sarap!

    p.s. nahilo ako sa movie na yan! LOL


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