FTF #83: Crispy Pata

You sure have a lot of tempting moment during the Holy Week. If you abstain from eating, well then a little self sacrifice would mean a lot with willingness to do within your heart.

I abstained myself from eating pork last week so I craved hard this week. I thought about to order Crispy Pata from a nearby store, Baliwag.

It was crispy but my two daughters didn’t like it. I re-cooked it as Lechon Paksiw instead.


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8 thoughts on “FTF #83: Crispy Pata

  1. the food dude

    Oh wow, I was also craving for this during the holy week, will indulge in crispy pata soon. Thanks for the heads up on Baliwag, I think kids are a good gauge if it’s good or not.

  2. Pretty Kat

    I used to cook crispy pata but when I got burned from my right wrist because of the crispy pata, I never tried to cook it again. If i miss it, i will just buy it to any restaurant. I guess crispy pata na naging paksiw? sounds so yummy too. haha. Visiting from FTF.

  3. Chie

    Yay, super mouth watering! I begging for some of these now….and rice. I didn’t eat pork the week last week too…fasting to the max.

  4. Tito Eric

    Crispy pata is good and crispy when it’s just cooked. Allow it to linger some time and it loses its crispiness. Recook it and the taste of the oil becomes too prominent.

    Baliwag and Andok service crew sometimes serve meat items when they should have been “turned over.”

    Turned over items are those that have been sitting there unsold — half-cooked or fully cooked (and just reheated when an unwitting customer walks in and orders for such item) — for longer than the duration their shift.

    That is because turned over items get charged to the employee, otherwise. You see, they were trained not to pre-cook more than necessary!

    I almost fell victim to such scenario in both places more than a couple of times. Beware!!!


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