FTF #89: Rowena’s Buko Pie

We dropped by at Rowena’s Pasalubong Store before heading back to Manila from an event  in Tagaytay.  I bought  Apple Tart, Choco Tart  and my favorite Buko Pie.

I like the crust as  it’s  crispy and  fresh.  It’s unique from other buko pie  but  it’s just  too sweet for my taste.   The filling is not really tender  or  maybe, I got an old  buko coconut  meat.

It’s  quite thick than the other buko pies I’ve tasted. It looks yummy but I still prefer the taste of D’ Original.



My own verdict:  I rate Rowena’s  6/ 10.  I still prefer D’ Original from Los Banos Laguna which I gave almost a perfect score of  9/10.

Other Buko Pies I tried:

Letty’s:   7/10

Collete’s:  6/10

My two kids on the other hand like buko pie from Rowena’s.   What I like from their  product  is  Rowena’s Apple Tart.  It   tastes great.  I hardly eat  apple pie or  apple tart,   only I remember eating a  lot  of apple pie  when freshly  baked during  my  Greece’s time.  Rowena’s  apple tart  is  yummy  that you surely will  find yourself  having a  bite  after  another bite.


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6 thoughts on “FTF #89: Rowena’s Buko Pie

  1. cheerful

    sarap naman, kaka-miss! 🙂 dami pala nila pero parang laging collete’s kami, will check that d’original kapag nakauwe. 🙂 visiting from FTF, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. 🙂


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