FTF # 91: Tortilla Sandwich

I always claim to be a lover of veggies but  my body obviously doesn’t  show  that I’m serious about it.  My  belly  is  like an overflowing  cupcake.   Ugh. At least, I replace a big part of my sandwich with lettuce, cucumber and other veggies.   Could you imagine if  I eat a  heavy  meal without  veggies?   Probably  I  am now  twice  my  ideal weight.

My older daughter and I love tortilla sandwich but she  preferred tuna meat.   I tried once with beefy  for my sandwich but I replaced with tuna in my next plate.

Tortilla Sandwich.  Cut  tomatoes and onion in little cubes while the cucumber  in slices or whatever way you want it.  Toast the tortilla chips and put all the ingredients inside.  Put some cheese and Mayonnaise and your  sandwich is  now good to go!

Here’s my tortilla sandwich.  Toasting was a not well done but you may opt  to have yours a little bit brown and crispy.

Want my Cheesy Beefy Tortilla?


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6 thoughts on “FTF # 91: Tortilla Sandwich

  1. Luna Miranda

    veggies are also my Waterloo…i know i can be healthier (and sexier :p) is i eat more veggies.:p your taco looks yummy! beef is definitely tastier than tuna.:p

  2. Tito Eric

    Here in Bohol they have lots of naturally-grown vegetables that somehow taste sweeter than usual … and satisfies my sweet cravings. Thus, about a third of my usual meals consist of veggies.


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