FTF # 96: New York Chessecake

It has been awhile since I had my cheesecake.  Aside from the calories that a cheesecake has, it’s too sweet for my taste.  I haven’t tried baking  one and thought about  just buying at available store when we crave.  I hope the next time I post here,  it would be my own baked cheesecake according to my preference, not too sweet or cheesy, just enough for our cravings.  My daughters craved for cheesecake so I bought a few slices.  They requested  for  Cheesecake, Etc  but there is no available store near us.  I settled for a local one, New York Cheese from Festival.  The taste is comparable to cheesecake  from Krispy Kreme.


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5 thoughts on “FTF # 96: New York Chessecake

  1. Tito Eric

    I love cheesecake … the thick authentic one ala New York like you have featured. There was a time in NYC when I binged on it that I would practically order a slice at every restaurant or cafe I went to.

    Nonetheless, Junior’s in Brooklyn and the ones sold at Dean & Deluca in Soho were the best. In Metro Manila, Cheesecake & Etc. is just as good. Haven’t tried Krispy Kreme’s, but I will someday.


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