FTF #98: Cafe Via Mare

Oops, wait..  before you even conclude that we’re   having another food trip in the midst of my troubled health condition, let me justify first that this was taken many months ago, when we would go on a food trip when idle summer becomes boring and have nothing to do but  follow our cravings.  Do I sound defensive here? lol.  It’s  actually a non guilty pleasure because veggies are a part of our diet.

Tyan ng Bangus Asado (285)


Inihaw na Liempo (P268)


Crisp Adobo Flakes (P293)


Via Mare
Greenbelt 1 Ayala Center
Makati City


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6 thoughts on “FTF #98: Cafe Via Mare

  1. rose

    Hi sis, abkit, what’s wrong with your health? Maysakit ka ba? Sowi, madalang na kasi ako makahop kaya di na masyado updated. I hope you are okay.

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