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If I am not blogging right now, probably I am working as a medical transcriptionist or any other related job doing online transcribing reports. Finding a job is not easy for those who never work hard for it. Before I enter into online activities, I already had a plan to take up Medical Transcription course as my passport for easy employment. Companies prefer those who have a certification of this course. In other cases, say you are a graduate of Radiology Technology, finding Radiologic Technologist Jobs will be easier if you have an extensive experience to give you an edge to other candidates. The certification or degree is not a sole guarantee to win the job.  The background, experience and training related to the job are just some of the criteria that employers  usually  consider among job applicants.

If you want to get hired, give an emphasis  to what you think will help you land the right job. Be sincere with  your  letter for employment because the companies know if you are genuine with your  intention.


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