Getting More Fashionable

I was surprised last night when my younger told me, “Mom, if you want to get thin, eat almonds, wheat bread with honey and you’ll get slimmer in no time. I’m glad that my daughter is aware of that and she really takes time to read about health news update.

The most nutritious of all nuts is Almonds. It is low of saturated fats and anti-oxidants. It has calcium and magnesium, vitamin E and compounds like phytochemicals.  The fat in almonds is monounsaturated which is good for the body. Wait there’s more. Fiber, minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, calcium and folic acid. If you’re pregnant, then include this in your diet for healthy pregnancy.

I’ve been wondering about how to loose a little on my weight. I just weighed-in this afternoon and guess what? I lose three pounds again. Almonds contribute a lot. Don’t be surprised when you see me in womens boots section or any women’s booth.  I’m starting to get more tips on how to be fashionable and it starts with my weight.  I owe it partly to almonds nuts.

I can’t stop munching on the almonds right now. Want some?

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