Grocery Shopping is Bonding Time!

I’m glad that there is a supermarket nearby where I could replenish my grocery items every weekend without spending a single cent for the taxi cab. It takes only about ten minutes walk or less to get there. The new branch is a lot bigger and the items are almost complete. You can have even the fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and fresh meat. In the grocery section, you could see all the items like household supplies and other miscellaneous merchandise. If you are planning to buy in bulks, there is enough available stock off the rack. You can use the chrome step stools provided inside the store to get the extra pack out of your reach. You may ask also the friendly staff who are very willing to assist you for the wholesale items.

I love doing my grocery with my children as it also becomes our instant bonding time together. I don’t see it as a task but as a stress reliever on weekends. I could still remember my ┬ámother’s wish when I was a kid ┬áto go to supermarket and have our cart full of grocery items. It never happened but I have quite good memories with her when I got my first paycheck and shopped together.

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