Her Style

My daughter loves to match everything that she wears. She defines fashion as something you need to try and take the risk of the style that you choose. It is a matter of pulling off yourself and carrying it well no matter what you wear. The more risk you take, the more fashionable you are, she shared.

In the photo below, she wears a sleeveless animal print and a jacket similar to what she wanted to wear that day, a boyfriend blazer.

Her life online.  She uses two mobile phones for her online activities by which she finds her htc buy a smart find. Yeah, the school gives a lot of assignment online and uses internet as a medium of communication. When she lost her cell phone few months ago, she lost interest too of buying an expensive one. She decided to keep her money in her savings account instead.

I am thinking that she is saving money for another big purchase. Huh! I hope that she spends her money wisely and not to be like her mom, an impulse buyer most of the time.

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