Hey, Mr. DJ

Sometimes I want to experience being a DJ to know how it feels like to be one.  They say that it’s the coolest job in town but what they don’t really know is that,  most  DJs are not really  compensated, only  the experienced disk jockeys  get bookings and landed a better career.

To be known as a DJ is really tough because there is also a big competition to get known.  It isn’t  really easy to make names and get the gigs that you want. You need to learn a lot too.  Going through  different instruments or  tools like kontrol s4 and getting familiar with  it.  When you are a DJ,  you need to be ready when something comes up like playing  a bad music that sounds awful.  So it is not really easy as playing and mixing beats.

Some DJs are lucky  like  DJ  Tom Taus who is  making his own name in  Hollywood.  He is known today as “DJ Tommy T.”    He was a little actor  who played as a little prince in the movie “Cedie”  during his  childhood.  In an interview, he said that he’s busy in different gigs, in downtown LA,  Las Vegas and San Francisco.

In every job, there is always good and bad side.  Always learn how to bounce back in case you experience a bad night.

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