Highland’s Magnificent View

One of the most unforgettable vacations we had last year is when we went to Tagaytay Highlands and experienced the most thrilling moment, the cable car and funicular vehicle ride. We toured around the highlands and saw the beautiful resort, animal farm, golf course and recreation center where I and my friends enjoyed a lot. There were also nice gazebos and wished I have one of those backyard cabanas in my own house. The fish pond with colorful koi fishes pleased our sight. I am blessed to have been invited to visit and tour the place. If not for my friends, I wouldn’t be able to enter the posh country club all my life because only exclusive members have the access and membership fee costs a lot.

There were houses and condominium units for sale during our visit but it’s only a wishful thinking to have my own rest house and wake up everyday with that magnificent view . The experience was totally amazing. I wouldn’t forget the experience we had in our one day travel that gave us a lot of memories and the highlight of it was seeing the place in bird’s view eye perspective during the cable ride.

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