How an External Hardrive Saves my Day

I  acquired an external hard drive after  my computer started to shut down.  With only a hair strand hope left and thought all my files  were deleted,  to discover  that all my files were all saved,   was such a big relief.  All my  important data stored in my old computer were saved.   Only a technology  expert can help you do it but  it will cost you a big amount, unless of course you  have  a friend  who’s  willing to help you for free.  I learned my lesson and thought about  having a back-up copy every time.   I made sure I always  have copies of files, photos and data  in my external drive.   External drive will give you  a worry free day  should your computer stop working unexpectedly.

Today,  technology is not  only faster but is cheaper and  yet improving a lot.  Different companies rely their technology needs to a site that will  provide them  wider options for their storage  like    The advantage of having external storage is that, it is easier and you can use it anytime even if your computer is not available.  If your files on  your  computer  fails  you,  your  back up copy will save your day.

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