How to make your room looks chic

Furniture plays a big part to make your room looks chic. You don’t need to spend much to create  modern and expensive  crib.  It just needs some  good design and style,  starting   from curtain down to television stands.  Choosing the right colors will add a different feel too.  It all depends on how you want your room  to appear.  For sophisticated look,  choose sharp colors or combination of different colors  that are  against the color of  the  wall.  If you want some feminine touch, use  pastel and the  light ones.

Like your own fashion statement, you need to add something  to make  it  look  different.  Adding accent table or replacing old closet will  certainly make a big difference.    Framed photos or  paint on the wall,  potpourri,  mirror and   vase are just some of the things you can add based on your  chosen theme.  For final touch,  add scented candles for fresh smell  to go with the feel.


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