I find comfort in music!

I often post a music video in my blogs especially when I really love it.  Whenever  I post a video,  it  signifies something in my life.  I simply love music.  My  kind of music depends on  my  mood.  It’s my solace and my therapy when I have no one to turn to.  I  can’t imagine life without  music.

I  hear songs that soothe me and my soul.  I know I may sound like a poet  writing a story underneath the tree    but   it’s  really  the music  the relieves  stress in my life.   I would be in my most  comfortable moment when I have  first-class numark headphones in my ear, sitting in a couch with my old and lazy clothes.  But for now,  I just want to satisfy  myself  with  my own headset although old and almost retiring,  still  it accompanies my day when I’m all alone in the house.  It is my solace to keep me going.

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