In its new timeslot

My favorite Friday late night  show, SOCO,  has now moved to  Saturdays,  4pm,  to reach  wide  viewers.  It aims to solve  crimes  with  the help of  investigators and police.  SOCO = Scene of the Crime Operatives is  a documentary reality TV series anchored by Gus Abelgas.   Some of  the cases  involving  the convictions of  the suspect  were resolved  because of the  dna testing from the crime scene.

This kind of science testing  is done for criminal and non-criminal investigations.  For non-criminal case, it is used for  paternity testing  while for criminal case,  it is  done to solve a crime.  While viewers of the show can be a part of solving the crime by providing information leading to the suspect,  this kind of science testing  made  it  easier for the authorities to solve the crime, even for the high profile cases.

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