Inutak Delicacy

It was my first encounter with this kind of delicacy, Inutak.   It was  unusual  to me but  I bought one  box when the lady offered a slice or a small part to taste and my initial taste was great, not too sweet and  sticky.     I  didn’t  bother to ask the lady  anymore why it is called  Inutak  because obviously when you eat it,  it’s like eating a very soft creamy brains (excuse me for the term, but it  really looks like brain).

While we  we’re waiting for our order  at Casa Reyes Restaurant, we ate a portion of  Inutak  and my two tasters couldn’t  stop  and  almost  finished the pack. Only  half  was left before our ordered  food  came so we  took home only a portion of  this  delicacy.


Eating  Inutak while waiting.   Dessert comes first.

What is Inutak?

Inutak  originally came from Taguig  from  Kristina’s Inutak perfected recipe, a recipe from their great grandparents  but  just  improved  and  flavored.   It is made from “galapong” with coconut cream (gata), baked with charcoal  fire.  Others want it while still hot but  I  preferred  eating it cold or  set  hours  on  the ref.  We tasted the other  half   the next day  from  the ref.   It tastes real good.   We had Vanilla and Ube Macapuno Ice Cream that day but we weren’t aware that it’s also good for toppings.   I only knew it when I made a little research and they all agreed that  Inutak is perfect with Vanilla Ice Cream.


Well  it all depends on your taste bud.  You can also have Inutak  with  Salabat or Coffee on the side. It is so nakakaumay  if you eat it plain.  Two thumbs up  to the  owner of  this recipe for making this  perfect  kakanin.  I  might be over rating  Inutak  but I may simply say it tastes best for me like Macapuno and Bilo-bilo.  It tastes  no different  as they have the same ingredients,  just improved and presented with creamy toppings.

The price for this pack is  P120.

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