JCO Donut

And I wish I could ask each of them their stories and write here why they can afford to wait two or three hours in line.  They may have different stories but everyone will surely agree of  one thing,   how  JCO donuts taste.-  YUMMY!  You may want to read my story  here.


So this is my review and why the people go crazy with JCO Donuts. As soon as I got home, my two children grabbed JCO  boxes from me.
And here I present to you what we were all crazy for…

of different flavors…

Alcapone, Black Jack, Blue Berrymore, Choco Caviar Strawberry, Coco Loco, Crunchy, Don Mochino,Funilla Glazze, Green Tea, Green Tease, Heaven Berry, Why Nut


and their website says.. Caution..  you are loading the site  full  of   temptation, Beware of  any delicious excitement.

Among the many choices of Dough nuts chain,  I  want JCO  the best.   The dough is  soft and not too sweet.  Just perfect for my taste buds.  The price is not really that expensive

I wish they open  more branches so I wouldn’t  wait  anymore just to have those sweet holed dough.

This is supposed a review but all I could say is..  truly tempting,  yummy and just perfect for my taste!


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