Life of a Miner

My older daughter is a bookworm and wants to buy all the books she could get. I honestly am much into reading too. I got this book “Life of a Miner” that caught my attention the other day while we were at the bookstore. Because I know how hard it is to be in mining field, not to mention I have followed the story of Chilean miners being saved sometime last year, I browsed few pages of the book and started reading it. Mining is quite a tough job. One needs to be well trained and capable of handling pressures of life beneath thousand feet underground.

Chilean miners were lucky to have been rescued and their stories were extraordinary. The same kind of incident happened in quite a lot of numbers of miners in different parts of the world. I guess, with the hard hat kind of task they have with only heavy metals and hydraulic cartridge in their hands, they should be given enough benefit, proper training and insurance. People who are into mining are often poor and the money that they earned are not even enough to feed their family, even too far to provide them a decent life.

So what are these miners looking forward to? They are hunting for gold but it seems that life for them means being trapped to struggle for life.

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