Linguine Pasta with Century Tuna

Now that my daughter already knew how to cook,  I always include pasta, tomato sauce,  and cheese in my grocery list. She always cooks pasta with any available ingredients  when she craves for a quick snack. She is still discovering  different  recipes out of  tuna. Chicken Alfredo will be her next recipe by  which I will post  another  entry  later.

Here’s my recipe for Linguine Pasta with Century Tuna.

Ingredients: Century Tuna, olive, linguine pasta, onion, garlic, tomato,  butter and mushroom

Melt  two teaspoon of   butter in a pan.  Saute garlic, onion and tomato and olive, then mix Century Tuna, pepper and seasonings.  Mix the pasta and top the pasta  with grated cheese. That easy!  as easy as 1-2-3.  Never even try this without a cheese as it’s the main ingredient  in pasta.


And here’s my daughter’s own version. With the same ingredients  but she put tomato paste that  makes her pasta more colorful.  She  added tomato and more  olive,  less the mushroom.


You’ll never go wrong  with your recipe  when its main ingredient is  cheese! Whatever it tastes like,  it will  make a big  difference  with good  cheese. Try  the Parmesan, a bit pricey  but  better  in taste.


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