Linky Love

I got at least five party invitations today to think that we’re only on the first week of August. I can name a few from my relatives, friends and bloggers who will also celebrate their birthdays this week. My SIL will turn 42 on the 22nd of the month. Even without reminding my two kids, they already knew the date and they’re now ready to mail the birthday card for her. Greeting online or stamped mail is a good option but a birthday gift delivered tomorrow will be a bigger surprise. If you have no time and got caught yourself in a rush to buy a gift, then this is the best present that you can ever give to your loved ones.

My birthday will be coming very soon. Let me announce it now so the world will know. It will be on the 2nd of September. What do I want? I want nothing but a linky love but gifts will be truly appreciated. Wink.

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