Lunch at the heart of Subic Bay

We had our lunch at  Segara Villas.  The place is located at the heart of Subic Bay in a secluded spot  away from the crowd. Before going to Royal, we stopped  by  in the hotel for lunch.
Buttered Chicken for the kids..


What we feasted in our table:  Bagoong Rice, Spareribs and buttered mixed vegetables or  Chopsuey?.


The Asian Spices Bar and Restaurant  inside  Segara Villas offers different asian menu;  Indonesian,  Thai. Filipino, and Malaysian inspired dishes. The bestseller, Bagoong Fried Rice is a shrimp paste rice dish topped with strips of scrambled egg, green mango julienne and caramelized pork.

Thank you so much  John Rafael Mendiola Jr. for the sumptuous treat!

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