Make It Easy

Why is  living a  forty-ish  life becomes harder for me?  I’m making my life complicated and I am becoming  very sensitive  these days.  There are times when I just want to stay in bed the whole day,  shut the computer,  watch TV,  go to the kitchen, cook and eat and eat.   But of course, it never  runs that way all the time,  it  just passed  by  for a while.  I sometimes think that  this is just a  phase  of living a 40ish life.

I want to be energetic like when I was  30-something. Life then was easy.   Doing  everyday tasks means something to achieve for the day.  Decorating our house or even putting personalized ornaments  is  just like  an easy  peasy  lemon  squeezy  for me.  Procrastination nor  lazy  was  never  my  vocabulary.

But why am I having bad hair day  these days?   I hope I am just having my PMS today.   I hope to wake up full of energy again tomorrow and  make  this viral to  spread out  in you.

Now,  here are some tips to make your life simpler,  a reminder to myself too:

Get enough sleep at night and get up earlier, say 30 minutes to avoid   yourself into rush. Prepare everything at night and list down all  to-do
things for the day.

Do one thing at a time.   Remember that unfinished task just adds  burden to your mind.

Do simple exercise everyday.  Tiring out means losing energy and making  you unproductive for the day.




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