Managing Personal Finances

Utility bill at the end of the month is really  painful  in everyone’s  pocket. A stay at home mom like me never ends doing and reviewing the budget to keep the expenses within the limit. Sometimes leisure time is set aside to give way to  more important things like education, health and insurance. In my own view, spending for a relaxation or vacation is just healthy to unwind. Today, I just updated my bank account and checked the requirements to  submit just in case I need a credit card. The staff from the bank kept on calling me and encouraging me to avail a credit card. I sometimes think of applying one so I could use it when I need a cash advance  when crisis arises. I do not ask for some friends to loan me money for borrowing is something shameful, if ever, it could be the last option for me.

Here are some some tips that effectively work in managing your finances: Do not bring your credit card everyday to avoid buying unnecessary things that are not really needed.  Buy only what you need and not what you want.  Impulsive buying is such a waste of money.  Stick only to your budget. Shop only on sale and use coupon to save a little amount. Responsible card owners have a mind set that spending is fun when it is spent wisely.

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