Maximize Your Space

I just joined  a contest online.   It’s a make over of  a living room and  if ever I’d win, I want a little twist where I could have a small office business  corner  at home.   Though I don’t have a big space, I know that I can get  some tips on  how to  maximize what I have right now.   I’ve  just done organizing and de-cluttering  last week and I consider  doing  it
again later when I find unnecessary stuff   that are not needed anymore  and should be out.  I sometimes want  to concentrate  with my tasks  online but when  my kids  are  watching  TV or when they’re already in the  living room, I couldn’t focus and end up myself  with  social networking  account.

Here are some tips to maximize  space in your home:

  • Use a foldable or collapsible furniture. You can pick a working table or laptop table that can be tucked away when not in use.
  • Vertical place creates a spacious look. Try a storage with this view and keep all you stuff like books in this position.
  • Check  spaces like stairway as another functional storage area.
  • Be organized. Group and keep your  things in proper place.  This is the simplest but surely will create a spacious  place  in your home.

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