Mercato Centrale brings Levante in Eastwood

After the  grand opening of   MEZZA  Norte last May 3,   here comes  another night food market  to  hang out   as   Mercato Centrale  now brings  Levante   to  Eastwood City  in  Libis, Quezon City .

Levante, which literally translates to “the East”, will be open every  Friday starting May 17  at   Eastwood Citywalk 2 from 6:00pm to 3:00am.    The Levante night food market is the first collaboration of the Mercato    Centrale Group with the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.

Ribbon cutting ceremony last Friday, May 17.

“We are very excited with this partnership because the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Group has always been supportive of original food concepts – from their selection of innovative and progressive restaurants to the gourmet weekend markets. We feel that the Mercato Centrale experience will complement the dining and TGIF gimmicks of Eastwood mallgoers,” said RJ Ledesma, Co-founder of the Mercato Centrale Group.

Thirty of  Mercato Centrale’s best food vendors were selected for Levante. These budding food entrepreneurs, a mix of old and new, offer mouth-watering homemade cooking such as your favourite Pinoy street foods as well as the best-selling dishes from Mercato Centrale’s most popular vendors.

“Our team carefully selected the best vendors from our different managed markets to cater to Eastwood’s discerning crowd that ranges from kids to seniors; from fun-loving teens to young professionals; and from happily contented singles to couples enjoying domestic bliss. Levante offers a premium Mercato Centrale foodie experience,” added Ledesma.

Among the thirty vendors, my personal favorite is Macheesemo Burgers, owned by Patrick Santos. They serve burger with cheese in between patties. Yummy!

Enjoy other food  at  Levante with the following  list of  vendors:  Auntie May, B Wings, Carlo’s Kitchen, Chicago Pizza Deep Dish Pizza,  Crispy Republic, Dad’s Mom’s  (Chef Babs Sisig), FMT Tacklings, Hok Luk Seu Foods,  Juana Bowl, Mamay’s Ihaw-Ihaw, Nacho El Mexikano, Isa’s Mongolian (Gigabite  Kebab), Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs, Big Bob’s Burger, Sinangag Trip, Manila Q,  Chicha ni Ron, Gilipita, Cakes by K, Twisted Desserts, Mexikanto Co., Eat my GF, Union Market Bar, Luchi Authentic Dimsum, Edgy’s Foodtrip, Hey Fishy Fishy, Macheesemo Burgers, Chuckie Dees, Roasterrific and Master Yum.
“The strategic location of Levante allows us to serve Eastwood’s residents and neighboring villages as well as office and call centers employees who want to enjoy great food choices late at night,” said Ledesma.

All food vendors undergo a taste test by the Mercato Centrale Group. Vendors are chosen based on flavour, innovation and uniqueness.

“We’re proud to have helped a number of our food vendors create their own niche in the local food industry. Among those who have emerged are Manang’s Chicken, Mochiko, Chuck’s Grubberie, Mio Gelati, Spring by Ha Yuan, Merry Moo, Inutak, Zen Taclings, Eat My Garlic Fries and a lot more,” added Ledesma.
For those interested to become food vendors in Levante or any of Mercato Centrale Group’s food markets, please email or text (+63)9178401152.

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