Mr. Ube Special Noodle Sauce and Fresh Malunggay Noodles

I  cooked   Mr. Ube Special Fresh Malunggay  Noodles  with sauteed veggies  and Special Noodle Sauce the other day.   I thought my children would have a second thought of eating Malungay  flavored noodles  but  my  first  try was  successful as they liked it  a  lot.   It tastes like Adobo but it is more flavorful    and you could  taste some garlic flavorings  and spices  which are  tolerable enough  for  kids.

Yummy! Happiness!


Mr. Ube Special Fresh Malunggay Noodles
Mr. Ube Special Noodle Sauce

As I checked the label, I found out that  it’s a Classic Blend.  Now, I need more noodles for my new sauce.  I just discovered a  new recipe and  I will share  it once I  got  the complete  ingredients  for my  next cooking.

Mr. Ube Special Noodle Sauce and Fresh Malunggay Noodles  are available at Mr. Ube Rice and Noodle House and  Eng BeeTin outlets.


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