My Brand New Printer!

Finally,  I  got a brand new printer.  It  is three-in-one printer where I can do printing,   scanning and copying job at the same time.   I don’t need to go out  for my copying and scanning job anymore.  It  is also economically designed where inks are consumed for maximum productivity.   Ink  can be purchased for only few dollars.   The only maintenance that I need to do is  to use the printer at least once a week  to  keep it  stay in   good condition.

Last week, I thought it was broken because of poor printing job that I had.  So I brought it to the store wherein the technical assistant  told me  how to use the printer properly.   I was instructed on how to change the ink.  I actually didn’t refer to the manual and only rely in my instinct.  I thought it was just  as easy as document scanning software.   Anyways,  I’m glad we had a printer that really  works  now.  I can now scan our old pictures and organize them in my account online.  And one thing that I look forward to  is  post old pictures for Nostalgic Meme.

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