My Persia Grill Experience

To have my taste bud experienced different types of menu is such an unusual experience for me. I have already tasted other international cuisine when I worked before in Greece where we used to serve food to some foreign dignitaries but having a Persian menu is quite new to me. Without leaving the country to experience authentic Persian food, you’ll encounter the so Pinoy for me because of the spices and herbs right here at Persia Grill. Kian Kazemi is the owner of the newly opened Persian Grill with other six branches in key spot in Manila  co-owned by his six brothers. Kian is one of the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Edition 2 and co-host of ABS-CBN’s Trip na Trip.

Kian is a young restaurant owner, a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management from La Salle Saint Benilde, who at 25, already knows what he wants to do in his life. Managing the restaurant is what makes him busy these days, taking his showbiz life a little break for a while.  He makes sure that the customers who come inside the restaurant are treated like their own guest and are given the best service plus the sumptuous meal he offers in the restaurant.

House Specialty Chelo Kebab Kubideh

Peshgahza with four dips consists of Salad Oliveyeh, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Must O’Khiar served with freshly baked Pita Bread.

Chelo Kebab Morg, Chelo Kebab Combination, Biryani,
Chelo Kebab Makhsos, Chelo Kebab Tikka, Chelo Kebab Barg,

I love the settings of the restaurant with high ceilling giving enough air to circulate inside.

You can feel by just seeing this setting that you’re just home and not in the restaurant with this very comfortable interior inside the restaurant. Such a homey environment!

Kian personally served us the food. When we asked about the restaurant and how he managed it? He said that he always assures the customers a feel-at-home environment, treating them like their very own guest.

It was such a great experience and I was one lucky fella that day to have been served by the restaurant owner himself, Kian.

You know you’re in Persia Grill when you see this sign. Okay, probably you think you’re actually in Persia for a while  just  having this food  and  think that Persia is just around here.

Thank you so much for accommodating us in the restaurant. I know, if not soon, I will be coming back here with my family to let them experience a different kind of menu that they will crave once tasted. I love Peshgahza and I’m craving again for it now.

Persia Grill
G/F Ecoplaza Building
2305 Don Chino Roces Avenue
makati City
Phone +63(2) 7828573

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5 thoughts on “My Persia Grill Experience

  1. Jenn

    I sure want to eat there – as it was featured as one of the restaurants serving good food at affordable prices. Kian is from Pinoy Big Brother, right?

    Hopping from Food Trip Friday.

  2. Jennifer

    haiz.sayang naman,hindi ko man lang natikman mga pagkain ng persia grill..grrrr…cute2x pa rin tlga ni kian..ayyyeehhh!hope magkita uli tayo…


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