Need some quiet time!

I’ve been in hiatus for more than a week now.  I  busied myself   in offline world and I missed blogging   so much.  As much as I really want to keep you updated, my schedule prevented me to do so.   I  always end up my day  in a couch like  a  used  rag   and  the  only thing that gives   me  comfort  are reading    updates  and    browsing  the   net  with  bolsters  at my side.  I think that I am less productive despite the fact my  time  has already been  eaten  by  the many  tasks  of  one stay at home  mom. I hope to be fully  back    real soon.  I want  to think I am not  just  having a blogger’s block at  this time. I need some spa,  yoga  and other relaxing activity to release all the stress  in my mind, body and soul.  I wish for a  relaxing  vacation,  not grand though, but  just a quiet time  in a serene place  with good friends this summer.

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