New Year Clean up!

Cleaning, segregating, and pulling out old furniture are the usual tasks on the first day of new year.   A messy house  makes life disorganized while a   clean and pleasant surrounding  brings good luck and blessings. It’s  like freeing yourself from unnecessary clutters and mess.

Start dusting and putting down the Christmas decorations.   If you have extras in your budget,  buy  a new stuff for your house to create a new look as breather.   If you are planning to buy a  flat screen, make sure  it comes with mounting bracket for tv   for minimal space  and  perfect  view while relaxing.

Another to  add in your cleaning up list for new year perhaps is  setting  a garage sale.  Give up your old clothes,  bags,  shoes, accessories  and other stuff  that  have no use anymore. You will  earn money by doing a garage sale  and at the same time you clean up your house with unnecessary  things.  Donate other things that you think will be of use to others, like giving  it away  to  charity or other institution  that needs your old  stuff.  So there, start to clean up,  it’s a new year and  time to clean up!


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