Old Houses in North

I call it a memorable experience to have a trip back to the past. We visited the north and stayed in a heritage place where old houses were preserved. The passion of the owner of the resort, to preserve history and the story behind each of the houses of 1900 eventually turned out to a grand place for a vacation. Although some parts were already replaced, sightings of the modern furnishings, you could still see the original parts being transfered and rebuilt carefully trying to retain the design. The resorts has now 27 houses and other facilities are still being developed. The church is still under construction and I wonder how beautiful it is once it is done. I wouldn’t be surprised about how much it would cost for a wedding package here. I could only describe the place in one word, amazing!

I will disclose the place until I got everything in my hand, the photos and the information to blog about the resort. The trip was all worth it! I wish I could bring you all there. The most wonderful part of the trip was the guided tour where you would learn a lot about the history and the story behind all the houses nestled in the resort.

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