Organizing Jewelry

I  spent  my  weekend organizing  my  things.  It is a real challenge for me because I have no space to put everything in  proper place.  I’m done organizing but the room is still in a big mess.  It  is so  frustrating to see bangles, bracelets and necklaces  tangled altogether.  I hung the long necklaces inside the closet  using the  hooks  that I got from  Good Housekeeping seminar  while the bracelets  were put  in a box.

I love accessories and every time I go to the mall, I would always look for different accessories especially sterling silver necklace  as it looks very fashionable.  I love brilliant color of accessories during summer.  Aside from the accessories that I  purchased,  I also got some of them from my sister who personally create  jewelries  for her business.    I am always tempted  to buy a  jewelry organizer and I think that I really needed it because my room space is limited.   When I went to the mall,  I saw a store that offers free organizer  but  it was so frustrating because I wasn’t able to avail it. I can only avail  the organizer  if  I have a single receipt of  P2000  (roughly  $50)  and above.  So today,  I just put everything in a box and hopefully I can buy it and feature here the next time I visit the mall.

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