Political Jingles

The campaign for local election already started two weeks ago. I can hear some jingles from different political candidates on TV and radio commercial. I can also hear  irritating sounds  from the outside  public  transportation  even if we’re locked  inside our house. I wish I have sennheiser hd201 at gc so I could hear nothing  but  just  my own music and not the annoying political ads. If I could talk   to these candidates, I would suggest to pick only  the  nicest  and not just easy to remember  tunes. Yes,  they  are catchy and easy to remember  but it just drives me  more not to vote  for  these  candidates.

I wish that political election be patterned like  electing  a  new  pope.  The candidates  don’t campaign for themselves and  voters  vote  according to  what  their  conscience dictates.

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