Post Birthday Celebration

I had such a burpy meal during the celebration of my friend’s birthday which was posted in my other blog. I spotted in the restaurant some celebrities wearing gold plated earrings while I just had a “less is best style” with a fashionable necklace for my short dress paired with tights. We had Chinese food and other classic menu for that heavy lunch. It was actually a post birthday celebration and the celebrant requested us to wear a dress or something that is fashionable one. It’s not necessary to wear an expensive dress but a comfortable one where we can move around freely. Fashionable outfit can be achieved when you accessorize it anyway. The photo is very important to us, as bloggers to document all the details happening, just like covering an event.

Anyways, we’re all observing a healthy diet. Although we had a calorie loaded cake, still the fish variants were our main dish that day.

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