Post Vacation Blues

It should be noted that perhaps the most amazing part of summer vacation is  traveling  with friends and family.  What about after vacation?  Vacation passes by so quickly  especially  when you’re  enjoying it.  But once reality knocks down again, I mean when vacation is over,  we  find it hard to accept the real facts of life.  The effect seems to be opposite and we tend to forget  that we went out  to re-energize ourselves. We seem to be so tired and stressed dealing again with our work.   It is always a big challenge when our mind is still in a vacation bliss  and  it just made us really  hard to concentrate more  after that supposed to be “vacation.”

The situation is like going back to school.  My kids  enjoyed  a lot,  with all the family going on a full pack travel with cargo net  but  when that summer  break  ended,    they all wish to   stop and delay  the start of school year,  but  that day  just gets closer  all the more.

The next time you go on a vacation, allow  yourself  enough recovery period  before the new chapter of your life begins.  Don’t stress out yourself.  Feel like you are still on a vacation even when you’re already at home. Leave your duties and  let your system  fully adjust first.

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