Protect yourself from cold weather

When ber-months come, there is a certain thing why everyone else gets excited. Aside from the most anticipated festive holidays that is Christmas,  people  love the cold weather and take a chance to walk  around without sweating out so much.  People normally wear  hooded jacket, boots  and  also wear foot warmer  to  survive the negative degrees temperature.  Frostbite  doesn’t only happen to vegetables but also to our body.  The best to wear is a fabric  made of acrylic  or  wool. Cotton socks, no matter how thick and  layers  you wear  will only give you a  useless result and won’t provide  you any warmth.

In a tropical country like us, to experience a cold  temperature  during December till  early February   is  enough to feel how it is like to  live in a  city  with winter season.  Because we’re used to this kind of atmosphere,   often,  we’re  mistaken to  be over reacting to the weather.   When the temperature hits below 10 degrees,  we tend to wear something  like  Alaska-inspired outfit  that’s quite a discomfort sight to others.


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