Safety Tips when an Earthquake Strikes

We really don’t know when the natural  calamities   like earthquake will strike.  Even the most advanced gadgets  have no way to detect or measure when it will occur. Unlike the storm where you could prepare ahead, earthquake could happen anytime  and the best  that you could do when it occurs  is to stay calm. Do not  panic and keep your mind awake and know  what to do next.

Earthquake  can  happen anytime.  You could be sleeping  or in the office or anywhere else. Whether  you are inside the house or outdoor,  nobody can tell, so always be prepared.

Here are some safety tips in case an  earthquake strikes.

Stay where you are. Do not  run for you might fall and this will cause you a bigger problem. In case you need to move out,  proceed to an open space,  away from buildings, electric wiring or any debris.

Look for  an emergency exit.  Make sure you know how to use  single jacket fire hose  and where to locate it in case of fire. An earthquake drill will help a lot so when it actually occurs, you already knew what to do next. Do not  light up candles for there might be some gas leakage.

In case you are caught in a high rise building, curl up yourself in a place where you will be safe.   Do not use elevator.

When you are on the road and  driving, pullover and get out.  Check for any danger or falling  debris.  It is safer in an open area.  Flyover and bridges might have the tendency to fall when intensity is strong.

These are just the basic tips for safety.  Remember to stay calm and alert and always  keep an emergency kit at  home.

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