Safety Warning Signs

Common accidents on the road are caused by over speeding, drink driving, seat belt wearing,  loss of control, car malfunctions  and weather  disturbances.  It is a common occurrence in every road and these all can be minimized  by  safety driving and following early warning such as “Dangerous Curve Ahead”,  “Slippery Road”  and  more.

Accidents  happen anywhere but all these can be prevented with early warning signs.  In  open  sites  like warehouses or engineering projects,  industrial signs such as  “Hard Hat Area”  or  “Hazardous Chemicals”   should be visible   in vivid colors  and eye catching to give  early warning  for  workers.

These signs  will prevent accidents as they call attentions to the hazards.  However, some workers do not give much attention  that   sometimes result in serious injury,  worst is,  death.  Message should point out  possible  extent of  injury and clearly  indicates  how  dangerous the place is.  Study shows that experienced worker  mostly   fall into  these accidents because they do not read signs and trust  they already know the job while new workers  rather take  safety  messages  deeply.   Bottom line here is,  whether you feel  safe  or  not,  take  warning signs  seriously!

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