Signs of Aging?

I cannot stay online longer anymore. My elbow is hurting badly and it’s been a couple of months already since I felt this numbness turned into a severe pain today. I am quite pressured because of too many errands and tasks that need to get done today. I wish I have ashton cigars beside me so I could at least release the pressure and start to focus on the most important list of things-to-do today. I honestly cannot work at ease with what I am feeling right now. I took medicine and vitamins for a couple of months with hope that this will be healed but nothing really happened. Other bloggers say that this pain is associated with my keyboard. Ouch. I don’t get it. I hope that when I change my daily routine, a break from time to time would keep my elbow back to normal.

I am paying off what I had earlier in my life, bad healthy habit that is. I lost interest in going out anymore. I declined too many events because I feel like I am ten times of my ideal weight but I’m not. I weigh 135 only and still not getting what I want before I start to trim down myself. If others have a goal to stay fit, mine is different. I want to gain ten pounds more first before I finally stop and be fit again.

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