FTF #86: Special Ice Candy

The  hot temperature makes us crave  everyday for something cold.  After having an ice cream almost everyday, we decided to try  something different but economical to cool us down. My daughter checked  the ingredients for ice candy online.   I  found it so funny  that she  googled a simple ice candy.   For how dependent are we on the internet  to google and do a little research only for a simple  simple frozen food? Lol.  What makes an ice candy?  A  flavor and a sweetener.    That simple!  But now I discovered something,  giving a full credit  to my daughter who knows how to GMG.   So,  what  makes an ice candy   SPECIAL?   Nestle Cream +  flavoring!   For  a smoother  texture like an ice cream,  needs a nestle cream.   Now, I (you)  know. ^_^

Here is the breakdown  of the ingredients of my special ice candy.

250 ml nestle cream 62
370 ml evap 66
150 ml evap 33
1/4 sugar 15
melon 50
watermelon 20
mango 60
ice candy plastic bag 10
Total PhP 316
Total number of ice candy made = 41  pcs

I  therefore conclude that my ice candy,  should I sell  it,   would cost  way higher that the regular ice candy sold in the market.  Well,  I’l tell you, I am no  good in  business.   ^_^

The ice candy  didn’t  even last  for two days.   My daughters kept checking the ice candy  if its ready to eat.  Today, as I  was preparing this entry, another batch is about  to get done in a few minutes.   This time, I prepared only one flavor.   I  made about 15 pieces for a  240g of  Milo and one big can of  Alaska Evap.  Total Expenses = P154


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8 thoughts on “FTF #86: Special Ice Candy

  1. Luna Miranda

    Nestle cream! so that’s it!:p
    my mom made mango & milk ice candies a few weeks ago, after i demolished it, i made my own–still mango & milk, i added cooked corn starch to make texture finer.:p will use Nestle cream on the next batch! thanks for the tip.


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