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We were supposed to go to Bolinao Falls but the locals said that the falls were out of our way, about ten kilometers away or more from the resort. We were already famished and followed the first sign we saw.. pointing us to Sungayan Grill Floating Restaurant. We passed by a narrow and unpaved road by which I cannot give you the exact direction. I would say, just follow the sign if you’re near Balingasay River, at the edge of  the river.  Thanks to John, Joy’s husband’s,  for his instinct.  We would have ended somewhere else or cook adobo  again for lunch. It was already past one o’clock and we were already starving.

the floating  bamboo bridge leading to Sungayan Grill  Floating Restaurant.

Balingasay  is one of  the cleanest river in the Philippines.

If  you hate waiting for your order in other restaurants,  here,   waiting is never a boring one.   You can  use your time to feed the  fishes,

 feeding milkfish and tilapia.

walk around  the fishpond,  shop souvenir items, update online with free use of iPad (of course with strong wifi),

or  take a cruise down the clean river of Balingasay.

But we were a bit unlucky  during our visit.  The restaurant ran out of their specialty which is Sungayan Fish. I  was  in big disappointment because I  did not taste a bit of   Sungayan Grill,  said to be  the most delicious fish in Balingasay.  If we have Tawilis and Maliputo  in Taal Lake, Balingasay has their own fish they can be proud of  and that is Sungayan.


And this is what we ordered instead.

Sauteed shrimp and squid in oysters sauce. It was yummy anyway.

inihaw na liempo.. and sinigang but I have no photo.

And our order  should have been  this Bilao  of  grilled  sungayan fish,  squid, crab and more….  and  my craving will not end till I taste a bit of  sungayan.   Now,  where can I find  that fish  here in Manila.

I am in deep craving  til   now!

 photo credit: Sungayan Grill Floating Restaurant

or  any of these  Sungayan Fish bilao!

photo credit:  Sungayan Grill Floating Restaurant
1,200 pesos per bilao good for   8-10 pax

The last two photos above were grabbed from their FB website.  It looks  yummy but I can’t really say a thing how it tastes like.  The taste, I don’t know.  But  many attested that  it was really yummy.

Sungayan Grill  Floating Restaurant  is located at
Balingasay River,  Bolinao.

Added info.

Balingasay  River  is one of the cleanest river in the Philippines.  In our whole Bolinao trip, which you can find  here,     (I am not done yet with all my post as of this writing)   I  have no idea of  Balingasay River until I searched today about Sungayan Grill.   Balingasay  River is  twice winner of the Gawad Pangulo Kapaligiran Award for inland bodies of water  in  Ilocos Region  and a recipient of  prestigious Wetlands Conservation Award  in 1994.

The people of  Bolinao are  lucky to have been blessed  with rich  coastal resources and  marine biodiversity.


12 thoughts on “Sungayan Grill Floating Restaurant

  1. serene shikukeza

    Have never tried the floating restaurants in Bolinao. This is new to me. We usually have a favorite mini restaurant in Dagupan where we usually eat on our way to San Fernando.

    1. admin Post author

      you should try it when next time you visit Bolinao. Try their Bilao meal, though diko natikman, almost sure ako masarap nga. 🙂

  2. admin Post author

    Dear Sungayan Grill,

    Thanks! I hope we could go back to Bolinao. We’re still lucky though to experience a sumptuous meal minus the Sungayan Fish. The customer before us were lucky to have been served Sungayan Bilao but our lunch was awesome anyway!.

    I would complete my post here with two thumbs up! 🙂


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